Just a Texas girl.

I’m a writer and creator who loves baking, fashion, farming, and board games, sharing my adventures in San Antonio, TX. Take what I say with a grain of salt and a sense of humor.

Read about my farming adventures.

After I graduated college, I took some time off to farm in Ireland for a farm to table restaurant.

I tended to fruits and veggies, pigs, cows, and sheep. My best friends were dogs.

While I was there, I did some backpacking.

So you can read about my time in Italy with my friend Nori, London (on a layover), Canada (really, all I did was sleep), and of course, my Ireland travels.

But right now, I’m staying put in San Antonio, TX.

I was born here, but spent the past 5 years or so in Austin or abroad, so I’ve been re-exploring San Antonio as an #adult. It involves a lot more bars than it did in high school, and a new hiking spot every other week.

I’ve also been going to dance halls.

So if you’re a fan of Texas two-stepping, here’s where I’ve been lately:

Cowboys Dance Hall, Place of Champions, TX
Quihi Dance Hall, The Boonies, TX (pictured left)
Thirsty Horse Saloon, Solid Middle Ground, TX

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